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The Best Proxies for LinkedIn

Published: 2023-11-14

Written By Owen Crisp

LinkedIn is a professional networking site, somewhat similar to Facebook, giving individuals and companies a corporate space to build profiles on their jobs and portfolio. This then allows others to advertise and connect worldwide, expanding networks and opportunities without the restrictions of borders.

There are many reasons why you might chose to implement proxies when using the site LinkedIn, ranging from scraping to privacy. In this guide, we'll be looking at why you might use proxies and suggesting some of the providers we sell to use on the site.

Why Use a Proxy on LinkedIn

On a corporate basis, LinkedIn provides a digital goldmine in the information it holds on its users- most of which is publicly available. Web scraping can make short work of collecting this for analysis where manual may be virtually impossible. The issue arises in scraping the site en-mass; without a proxy you could expect to see account termination fast. As we know using proxies allows you to rotate through IP addresses to conceal the original location of the requests, as well as reducing the suspect of IP abuse and protecting the sites. LinkedIn is know to hold strict security measures to protect against scraping and large scale data collection. Cautious and courteous scraping of the site can allow access to the wealth of information it holds, making everything from hiring to market research a breeze.

On the other hand, you may find yourself in the position of managing multiple accounts at once. If you're an account manager, using rotating proxies allows the rotation of IP addresses on login; helping to avoid any wrongful flagging of multiple accounts logging in from the same IP.

You may also find yourself blocked by the geo-restrictions of the site. If accessing this content is at the forefront of your business, using a geo-located proxy makes these restrictions a thing of the past. As a note, all of the current providers available through Rampage support every country worldwide.

Which Proxies to Use for LinkedIn

We hold a variety of providers that are suitable for the site. We suggest using rotating proxies on the site, which are available to be generated through our dashboard along with the geo-location.

For ease of use, the number of "£" signs marks pricing per gigabyte:

GeoSurf (££) £3.25 / £4.20 (Retail/Non Retail) An extremely reliable provider with a a wide range of IPs and locations. GeoSurf makes available worldwide proxies with city and state targeting, built from a pool of 3M+ IP's. This provider offers an excellent mid ground between price and performance.

NetNut (£££) £5.90 / £6 (Retail/Non Retail) With over 52 million IPs, Netnut is a great provider for all sites. This provider offers excellent quality IP's, reflected in the price.

PacketStream (£) £0.8 / £1 (Retail/Non Retail) The cheapest and most cost effective provider - useful for sites with low bot protection. PacketStream may be less suitable for large scale scraping and activities.

There are also a plethora of useful tools to help integrate proxies into your everyday LinkedIn experience. If you're an account manager tediously setting up browser profiles, you may be interested in reading more on how to streamline the process here. If you're looking to rotate through proxies in the browser, try our in house chrome extension to switch proxies at the touch of a button

In conclusion, proxies open up powerful opportunities for exploring LinkedIn. It's also important you are aware of the policies of the site and ensure they are followed. If you're interested in purchasing proxies for LinkedIn, click here.

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