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Why businesses choose Rampage Proxies for

Data Collection

High Speed Scraping

Rampage takes less than 5 minutes to integrate and a couple of clicks to use. Effortlessly scrape data without the risk of account bans or IP blocks.

195+ Countries

Geo restrictions are a thing of the past, with 195+ countries available to choose from.

Bypass CAPTCHA & IP Bans

Your bots will never be blocked, because our IPs and proxy servers are undetectable. Bypass CAPTCHAs, geo-blocks and IP bans. With 290M+ proxies from 195+ locations from our 7+ Residential Upstreams.

Worldwide Support

We pride ourselves on our support - we're available 24/7 to help you with any issues you may have.

Scale Your Business

Spend more time scaling your business and less time worrying about proxies - we handle the proxies so you don’t have to.

Digital Dashboard

Manage all of your proxy plans on one dashboard - no more logging into multiple dashboards to manage your proxies.

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Every Provider. One Place. Zero Commitment.Rampage Proxies.

We openly sell from the world's largest upstream proxy providers. We do this so that you can be sure that you're getting the bestquality proxies available, saving you time and money.

O Proxy

$5.10/GB with Retail Subscription
The largest proxy provider in the world, with over 100 million IPs.

S Proxy

$5.10/GB with Retail Subscription
An extremely reliable provider with over 50 million IPs.


$4.40/GB with Retail Subscription
A phenomenal proxy provider with over 72 million IPs - great for data scraping.


$7.40/GB with Retail Subscription
With over 52 million IPs, NetNut is a great provider for all sites.


$1.00/GB with Retail Subscription
The cheapest and most cost effective provider - useful for sites with low bot protection.

Koch Secret

$10.10/GB with Retail Subscription
A smaller, more performant provider with extremely high pass rates.


$2.00/GB with Retail Subscription
A cost-effective provider with a huge 34 million IP pool.

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