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GeoSurf Closure

Published: 2023-12-11

Written By Owen Crisp

GeoSurf is Closing

GeoSurf, one of our most popular residential providers, is closing down after a prolonged legal battle and failed appeal against BrightData (formerly known as Luminati Networks). The closure will take effect on the 20th of December 2023, with GeoSurf conceding defeat and will be transferring its customers to BrightData.

Earlier this week, GeoSurf shared correspondence with customers, formally announcing the closure of their services. You can read the details below:


The Context

To provide context, BI Science, the company behind GeoSurf, received a notice of potential patent infringement in 2019. Despite two motions to dismiss for "lack of jurisdiction," GeoSurf lost the legal battle in Texas. The Texan court favoured Luminati, citing GeoSurf's provision of residential IP addresses from the state.

Luminati's filed suits allege confidential information transfer from former Brightdata professionals to GeoSurf, violation of NDA and NCA agreements by three employees, and false advertising leading to damages in prospective business relationships. Read more about the filled suits here.

Our Promise

At Rampage, we take pride in offering a diverse range of products for all our customers. We are saddened by the loss of GeoSurf and are committed to providing alternatives to ensure uninterrupted services.

Earlier this week, we shared a message with our customers:

As of yesterday, GeoSurf is closing down due to a lengthy legal battle resulting in their loss. This sudden development requires us to make the best decision for all users. GeoSurf is no longer available for purchase.

For those with remaining data, please continue to use it before the 20th of December. After this date, we cannot guarantee the functionality of any remaining GeoSurf balance. If you have a significant balance, contact us, and we'll do our best to accommodate.

For those with a GeoSurf balance, we are not leaving you stranded. Your data balance will be transferred to our new, in-house proxies—similar price, better quality. We'll reach out closer to the 20th December to ensure a seamless transition without any loss of proxy bandwidth.

We understand this is a challenging situation for GeoSurf users. We're on your side and ready to explore other proxy solutions. Consider trying our new residentials; open a ticket for a test to ensure compatibility with your use case.

For any questions or queries, reach out via ticket or live chat!

Thanks, Rampage Team


We stand by our promise of delivering the best providers and experience. If you were a GeoSurf customer, we highly recommend switching to our new, in-house residentials—offering a similar price point and superior quality suitable for all your proxy needs. Interested in purchasing them? See here.

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