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How to Integrate Rampage with Multilogin

Published: 2024-07-05

Written By Owen Crisp

Integrating Proxies with Multilogin

Anti-detect browsers are powerful tools for expanding your browsing capabilities while keeping your online activities anonymous. Protecting your browser fingerprint comes with a multitude of benefits; if you’d like to learn more about that, click here.

Multilogin is very popular with the Rampage community for its versatility and offering. In this guide, we’ll walk through how easy it is to integrate all 10 residential providers with the browser. The software is popular amongst many use cases, such as:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Ticket Brokerage
  • Social Media Management
  • Web Scraping

Getting started

To get started, you’ll need to purchase proxies. At Rampage, we’ve streamlined the process, making it quick and easy. We offer a range of options, including those from the largest upstream providers and our in-house sources. You can choose from 10 great providers, all accessible from our dashboard. Here, you can purchase and generate proxies in just 5 clicks.

The provider you choose to purchase will depend on your specific use case. For social media management or affiliate marketing, a popular provider is BrightData, Smartproxy, or Oxylabs Proxy. For ticket brokers, our user base prefers Rampage Residential, IPRoyal, or Koch Secrets.

Purchasing your proxies

To purchase proxies, you’ll need to be registered on our dashboard. If you’re already registered, please skip this step. If not, please visit our dashboard. Once done, you’ll simply need to navigate to “Order Proxies” and purchase your preferred provider. Our dashboard allows you to purchase from as little as 1GB

If you use a lot of data, why not look to save some money with our Rampage Retail subscription? Users who purchase the subscription are entitled to a further discount on all our residential providers, sometimes up to 30%. Learn more about the subscription and its offerings here.


Generating your proxies

Once purchased, you’ll need to generate your proxies. Generating proxies on the Rampage dashboard takes but 5 clicks, and you’re ready to go.

Here, you’ll select the provider you’d like to generate. You’ll also be given the choice to choose:

  • The location of your proxies by country.
  • Whether you’d like static or rotating. Static proxies will hold a session time for a set duration, whereas rotating will rotate every request.
  • The amount of proxies you’d like to generate.


Once you’ve generated, you can either download a text file of the generated proxies, or copy them directly.

Our proxies generate in the following format, IP:PORT:USERNAME:PASSWORD, for example: pr.rampageproxies.com:8888:lifUXmUP-cc-de-pool-oproxy-sessionid-2882719010-sesstime-30:GlIWysEI

Here’s how to break the proxy down by pulling the parts from between the colon:

  • IP: pr.rampageproxies.com
  • Port: 8888
  • Username: lifUXmUP-cc-de-pool-oproxy-sessionid-2882719010-sesstime-30
  • Password: GlIWysEI

This proxy is a static, Oxylabs, from Germany.

Please note that the proxies' “IP” addresses may be different from what you’d expect. If you see proxy.rampageproxies.com or pr.rampageproxies.com, this is still classed as your IP address.

Integrating Rampage Proxies with Multilogin

All the providers sold at Rampage are compatible with Multilogin. The method of adding the proxies varies slightly, depending on what profile you choose to use.

To add proxies to a quick profile:


Here, we used a rotating, Rampage Residential proxy. These proxies were copied directly from the Rampage dashboard. When using a quick profile, proxies generated from the dashboard can be copied and pasted directly into Multilogin. The browser will accept up to 20 proxies in this instance. To use a list of proxies, you must select the “custom” option and then paste the list in. Your list of proxies proxies can then either be accessed sequentially (one after the other) or randomly by toggling this feature at the bottom.

Remember, quick profiles do not save or retain any of the setups when closed.

To add proxies to a single profile:


Single profiles allow for a wealth of customisation features. Here, we used the static, Oxylabs, German proxy example above. This proxy was copied directly from the Rampage dashboard, where the software automatically sorts and inputs into the browser profile when copied. Be sure to select “Proxy Type: HTTP”. Some of the providers will support other protocols, such as SOCKS5; please contact us to discuss this, and we will advise which.

To verify, we did a quick test using the “Check proxy” function inside the browser.

Please note that occasionally, the location may display incorrectly. If the location doesn’t match, we recommend either checking you’ve generated the right region on the dashboard or using another testing method such as cURL- as occasionally, the databases behind these external services may be out of date and show the wrong location.

You’re now all geared up to go; your anti-detect browser is now supercharged with Rampage Proxies. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via Discord, Live Chat, or email, and we’ll be happy to help.

We recommend comparing all the providers to decide which works best for your use case. Providers vary in price and features; we have a comparison here.

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