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Rampage Mobile Deep Dive

Published: 2024-05-30

Written By Owen Crisp


In this guide, we’ll look deeper into “Rampage Mobile” and some of the provider's technical specifics. Rampage Residential is our own network of mobile proxies, offering exceptional performance and best in class anonimity for a lower price than most providers.

Company Overview

Rampage offers a one-stop proxy mediation service, allowing users to use their favourite proxy providers in one streamlined dashboard. Through our dashboard, users can purchase and generate a variety of providers at a much cheaper “pay-as-you-go” rate compared to direct sources. Customers can purchase as little as 1GB up to 1TB and beyond from some of the largest upstream providers or purchase one of our three in-house providers (Rampage Residential, Rampage Mobile, and Rampage Core).

IP Availability and Supply

Rampage Mobile is built from a supply of over 1 million unique IP addresses. Although it has a smaller pool than Rampage Residential, Mobile offers exceptional performance with flawless stability that you’d expect from a mobile proxy. Here’s a list of popular countries with good IP availability:

  • United States
  • Morocco
  • South Africa
  • Russia
  • India
  • Kenya
  • Kuwait
  • Pakistan
  • Indonesia

All IP addresses are sourced ethically from real mobile devices. All are real mobile IPs.

Proxy Speed and Performance

We tested each residential provider so that you don't need to. Rampage endeavours to create fair, thorough, and reproducible tests to ensure each provider can be compared against another.. Please note, your results may vary based on your individual factors when setting up.

Using a server hosted in a german datacenter, we tested 10,000 rotating proxies across 5 popular locations. These locations were picked to represent popular locations and give global coverage. The locations we used to test all providers were the following:

  • United States of America
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong

Our testing suite checks the proxy connection against IpInfo to remain as impartial as possible. We use the information collected from the request, along with IP enrichment data from IpInfo to provide a clear picture of the proxy.

In addition to the usual metrics, we have provided the standard deviation of the response times. A smaller standard deviation suggests that the scores are tightly clustered around the mean, indicating greater consistency or precision in the measurements.

Finally, this script also records the number of unique IP addresses per region tested, as this can be used as a judgement for the diversity of the IP pool. Here’s the results from the tests of Rampage Mobile:

United States:

  • Total Tests: 10000
  • Total Successes: 9696
  • Total Failures: 304
  • Success Percentage: 96.96%
  • Total Unique IP Addresses: 2602
  • Fastest Speed: 0.55 seconds
  • Lowest Speed: 15.11 seconds
  • Average Speed: 1.81 seconds
  • Standard Deviation: 1.70 seconds

United Kingdom

  • Total Tests: 10000
  • Total Successes: 9452
  • Total Failures: 548
  • Success Percentage: 94.52%
  • Total Unique IP Addresses: 1363
  • Fastest Speed: 0.49 seconds
  • Lowest Speed: 18.13 seconds
  • Average Speed: 2.02 seconds
  • Standard Deviation: 2.13 seconds


  • Total Tests: 10000
  • Total Successes: 9787
  • Total Failures: 213
  • Success Percentage: 97.87%
  • Total Unique IP Addresses: 198
  • Fastest Speed: 0.50 seconds
  • Lowest Speed: 15.06 seconds
  • Average Speed: 1.61 seconds
  • Standard Deviation: 1.45 seconds


  • Total Tests: 10000
  • Total Successes: 9596
  • Total Failures: 404
  • Success Percentage: 95.96%
  • Total Unique IP Addresses: 522
  • Fastest Speed: 0.42 seconds
  • Lowest Speed: 19.73 seconds
  • Average Speed: 1.88 seconds
  • Standard Deviation: 2.06 seconds

Hong Kong

  • Total Tests: 10000
  • Total Successes: 9939
  • Total Failures: 61
  • Success Percentage: 99.39%
  • Total Unique IP Addresses: 105
  • Fastest Speed: 1.54 seconds
  • Lowest Speed: 18.96 seconds
  • Average Speed: 2.47 seconds
  • Standard Deviation: 1.36 seconds

Finally, we’ve collected the averages across all 5 geo’s:

  • Fastest Proxy Speed: 0.7 seconds
  • Lowest Proxy Speed: 17.31 seconds
  • Average Proxy Speed: 1.95 seconds
  • Standard Deviation: 1.64 seconds
  • Success Rate: 96.94%

Mobile proxies are inherently, slightly slower than residential proxies due to higher latency and lower bandwidth typical of mobile networks, as well as more frequent network congestion and signal fluctuations. What lends the increase anonymity is the use of CG-NAT. Carrier Grade Network Address Translation allows multiple devices to share the same IP address, making it difficult to block as it risks blocking multiple users and making the source incredibly difficult to pinpoint. Coupled with the fact that mobile proxies are often associated with very genuine user connections, this gains them favour on sites as being trusted; helping to avoid any associations with automated processes or bots. Due to this, mobile proxies are at the height of anonymous proxy users.

Location and Targeting Options

Rampage Mobile supports four precision targeting methods: ASN, city, state, and country. This allows complete control of the proxy location. Please note that due to the dynamic state of mobile proxies and the overall system, we do not guarantee 24/7 coverage, especially in remote areas.

Here are some examples of this targeting and proxy formatting:

Country, with a default static session time: {username}:mobile;gb;;;@proxy.rampageproxies.com:9001

City targeting, with default static session time: {username}:mobile;us;;;los+angeles@proxy.rampageproxies.com:9004

Rampage Mobile is also a considerably smaller pool size than its counterpart of Rampage Residential, please take this into account when looking for IP diversity. We can in certain use cases mix the two packages together, allowing you to leverage both supplies in one proxy to expand your geographic horizons.


The default session time of these proxies is set to 60 seconds. At your specific request, this can be extended or be controlled using a session string variable. This session time varies depending on the availability of the node and its status. The IP will no longer be available if a node is taken offline. The server will attempt to reconnect; failing this, it will rotate the IP. With Rampage Mobile, we can apply session extensions per package, allowing your sessions to remain open for your specified duration and as long as the node remains accessible. The proxy will rotate if the node goes offline before the specified session length, and the server cannot reconnect to that particular node in the next 60 seconds.

This means that “static” proxies do not hold the IP indefinitely, but for up to a set timeframe.


Pricing of the Rampage Mobile proxies will vary depending on your current membership status and further for bulk purchases. For a non-subscription customer (no Rampage Retail membership), prices start from £8 per gigabyte and drop down to £6 per gigabyte for Retail subscribers. Prices can lower for bulk and monthly committed purchases. Please contact us directly for these prices that we can accommodate.

Suggested Use Cases

Rampage Mobile is of the highest quality, and we proudly state that. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of use cases Rampage Mobile could be used for: Mobile user testing, with mobile proxies you’ll look like a mobile user, making it perfect for use cases where this is paramount. Circumvent geo-restrictions, precision targeting means you can appear anywhere on the planet at your convenience- as pinpoint as required using the options available. Avoiding bans, mobile IPs are notoriously challenging to block due to a combination or their technology and legitimacy of how the IPs appear. Perfect for e-commerce, social media scraping, or social media management.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Rampage Residential

Another highlighted pro of Rampage Mobile is its reliability. These proxies pass some of the most challenging sites and handle antibot/captchas with ease- making them highly versatile for various use cases.

With such precision targeting available, it aids in geo-location flexiblity of the proxies in such use cases where this is critial.

With these proxies in our supply, we at Rampage almost have more control over certain factors (such as rotation time). For example, we can alter the session time indefinitely for a sticky session or use custom proxy strings to set session times. These proxies support also support a range of protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS5, and UDP.

Cons of Rampage Residential

The biggest downside of mobile is that you may find restrictions on IP availability in remote areas. Generally speaking, the larger the country/state/city, the better the supply. Comparatively, the pool is considerably smaller than that of other providers.

Users looking for value might also find the price of buying a barrier to entry. Mobile proxies are inherently more expensive to obtain and maintain. In such use cases where price is a concern due to high bandwidth requirements, we’d recommend using something like O Proxy or Rampage Residential.

Executive Summary

Rampage Mobile is a premium offering within Rampage's proxy services. It delivers top-tier performance and precision targeting for users seeking the utmost proxy quality. By nature, Mobile lends itself to a reliable and highly anonymous proxy.

With over 1 million ethically sourced, genuine mobile IP addresses, Rampage Mobile ensures exceptional stability and performance, coupled with the inherent advantages of mobile proxies, such as higher anonymity and difficulty in blocking. Precision targeting options, including ASN, city, state, and country, provide users complete control over the proxy location, while session extensions ensure flexibility in proxy usage duration.

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