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O Proxy Deep Dive

Published: 2024-06-03

Written By Owen Crisp


In this guide, we’ll be looking deeper into the residential provider O Proxy and more about the technical details of the provider. O Proxy is, again, a popular choice at Rampage, being one of the higher-end providers alongside S Proxy, giving access to the most extensive IP pool of all our providers, with quality proxies and great worldwide coverage. Available with Rampage at a mid-range price point, it is often favoured as another “premium” provider.

Please note that due to legal constraints, we are using an alias for this provider and are unable to use their correct name.

Company Overview

Founded in 2015, O Proxy is the oldest provider in the Rampage catalogue, based in Vilnius, Lithuania. O Proxy has the most significant residential pool of all providers under our roof, almost double that at the same price as S Proxy.

IP Availability and Supply

Comprising a 105M+ residential IP pool and spanning 195 countries, O Proxy brings impressive quality and IP diversity to Rampage’s offering. Here’s a list of popular countries with good IP availability:

  • United States of America
  • China
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Australia

All IPs are ethically and transparently sourced through their network of either opt-in peer-to-peer or third-party providers.

Proxy Speed and Performance

We tested each residential provider so that you don't need to. Rampage endeavours to create fair, thorough, and reproducible tests to ensure each provider can be compared against another. Please note, your results may vary based on your individual factors when setting up.

Using a server hosted in a German datacenter, we tested 10,000 rotating proxies across 5 popular locations. These locations were picked to represent popular locations and give global coverage. The locations we used to test all providers were the following:

  • United States of America
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong

Our testing suite checks the proxy connection against IpInfo to remain as impartial as possible. We use the information collected from the request, along with IP enrichment data from IpInfo to provide a clear picture of the proxy.

In addition to the usual metrics, we have provided the standard deviation of the response times. A smaller standard deviation suggests that the scores are tightly clustered around the mean, indicating greater consistency or precision in the measurements.

Finally, this script also records the number of unique IP addresses per region tested, as this can be used as a judgement for the diversity of the IP pool. Here’s the results from the tests of O Proxy:

CountryTotal TestsTotal SuccessesTotal FailuresSuccess PercentageTotal Unique IP AddressesFastest SpeedLowest SpeedAverage SpeedStandard Deviation
United States10,0009,74425697.44%9,3690.87 seconds15.16 seconds5.93 seconds2.02 seconds
United Kingdom10,0009,81118998.11%7,7641.04 seconds14.89 seconds6.07 seconds1.75 seconds
Canada10,0009,75724397.57%6,5961.17 seconds15.08 seconds6.33 seconds1.71 seconds
Germany10,0009,85714398.57%7,9110.95 seconds16.40 seconds5.73 seconds1.85 seconds
Hong Kong10,0009,67732396.77%1,9601.33 seconds15.61 seconds6.72 seconds1.69 seconds

Finally, we’ve collected the averages across all 5 geo’s:

  • Fastest Proxy Speed: 1.33 seconds
  • Lowest Proxy Speed: 15.42 seconds
  • Average Proxy Speed: 6.21 seconds
  • Standard Deviation: 1.89 seconds
  • Success Rate: 97.69%

Location and Targeting Options

O Proxy supports a variety of precision targeting options as part of your purchase. You can currently utilise up to 3 different methods to geo-locate your proxies, taking advantage of the 195 countries offered by O Proxy: country, city, and state. Please note that due to the dynamic state of residential proxies, we can not guarantee 24/7 coverage, especially in remote areas. Here are some examples of this targeting and proxy formatting:

Country, with a default static session time: pr.rampageproxies.com:8888:{username}-cc-us-pool-oproxy-sessionid-8734022758-sesstime-30:{password}

City/State, with a default static session time: {username}-cc-us-city-new_york-pool-oproxy-sessionid-12345670-sesstime-30:{password}@pr.rampageproxies.com:8888


Our dashboard generates O Proxy in static and rotating varieties from a mix of pre-set country pools. The default session time for static O Proxy proxies is up to 30 minutes; however, due to the dynamic nature of these residential proxies, we cannot guarantee the sessions are active at that time.


O Proxy also sits nicely in the mid-range price point of all providers at Rampage. For non-Rampage Retail members, prices start at $6.3 per gigabyte, dropping to $5.1 per gigabyte with a subscription. O Proxy is a well-known, high-quality residential proxy provider, well-trusted by all proxy users and industry-wide. This pricing is significantly lower than that of direct, as much as 30% cheaper than purchasing pay-as-you-go directly from supply.

Here's how O Proxy stacks up pricing wise, compared to the other providers on the dashboard: O Proxy.png

All other provider pricing can be found here.

Suggested Use Case

As previously mentioned, quality and performance are essential when using O Proxy’s residential IPs. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of potential use cases for this provider:

  • Web Scraping: Gather public web data on the required scale to generate valuable insights as you build your business competitively.
  • Price Aggregation: keep track of price changes and movements in a competitive market.
  • Account Management: manage multiple accounts with no geo-restrictions or bans.

Other use cases include sneaker botting, e-commerce purchasing, Web3 automation, or advertisement management.

Pros and Cons

Pros of O Proxy

As mentioned above, O Proxy has the largest IP pool available at Rampage, making it suitable for any user/use case requiring such IP diversity. It is the same price as S Proxy but offers almost double the IP count. O Proxy offers an impressive diversity of proxies at such a mid range price point.

O Proxy’s vast IP pool makes it a great pairing with its precision targeting capabilities, lending favour to a large number of users and use cases where this can be leveraged; for example in ad verification where precision can be crucial to success.

Cons of O Proxy

Despite this, downsides to O Proxy include that despite offering a large pool and great geo-flexibility, there are other providers on the Rampage dashboard that offer such similar flexibility and a lower buy in. There is an argument that could be seen as a trade off between IP pool size and price, but may limit users with budget constraints.

What Others Say

We're impartial and keen to share the voice of others and their views on our providers. O Proxy holds gleaming reviews on reputable sites such as Trust Pilot, Capterra, and G2. Here’s a selection of customer comments from these:

"These guys are literally the best": These guys are literally the best...not only do they have the most consistent and reliable proxies (I've bought from 4 other providers so I've seen it all),

"Overall Best Residential Proxy": O Proxies are premium when it comes to security and IP performance.

"A reliable partner to our business": We've been using O Residential Proxies for a couple of years and find them easy to use and very effective.

Executive Summary

Positioned as a mid to premium choice alongside S Proxy, O Proxy stands out for its vast IP pool and extensive worldwide coverage, making it a favoured option among users. Boasting the most significant residential pool among Rampage's providers, exceeding 100 million IP addresses across 195 countries, O Proxy demonstrates an impressive commitment to quality and IP diversity.

O Proxy commands its own space as part of the Rampage lineup for the price and its offering. Despite its mid tier pricing, the provider enjoys widespread trust and recognition across various proxy user segments and industries.

The versatility of O Proxy's residential IP addresses makes it suitable for many use cases, including web scraping, price aggregation, and account management. However, limitations such as the pricing may restrict users with budget constraints.

If you'd like to learn more about this provider's features and pricing options, you can find more information here.

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