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Multilogin | Anti-detect browser

Published: 2024-07-04

Written By Owen Crisp


Introducing Multilogin

With the lowest detection rates for web scraping and multi-accounting by employing advanced masking capabilities, Multilogin delivers a powerful tool for those looking to keep their online activities truly anonymous.

Multilogin is a secure anti-detect browser that helps businesses scale faster than ever. Its stealth browser technology helps online marketing professionals manage multiple online profiles and avoid account bans. Virtual profiles offer fully customisable fingerprints that appear as native and unique. Multilogin is a platform backed by industry-leading encryption, meaning your profiles are so secure even Multilogin themselves can't read them.

Unlike headless browsers, Multilogin’s cloud platform and its "Mimic" and "Stealthfox" browsers can handle more processing tasks without ever getting detected. The processing capacities are significantly higher than those of other “scraping browsers”. This makes it great for mass scraping and automation.

Use Cases

Multilogin is a versatile platform designed to support a large variety of use cases. Here are some of the key use cases for Multilogin:

Ticket Brokerage:

Multilogin is the ticket broker's secret weapon. Harness custom-built browser stealth technology to create and manage thousands of accounts, utilising automation to keep the pace with the few-second purchase window and beat the competition to come out on top. Experience flawless management of multiple accounts on popular platforms such as Ticketmaster, AxS, and SeeTickets while appearing as genuine as possible with native browser fingerprints.

Use Multilogin to operate numerous ticket buyer profiles from a single platform to participate in the virtual queue with more entries, increasing your odds of reaching the event map. Further, streamline the checkout process. Get to the queue quicker by automatically filling in forms or 2FA verification handling. Automate repetitive tasks and form-filling with Selenium, Playwright, and Puppeteer automation drivers without getting flagged by anti-bot algorithms and without risking your accounts.

Multilogin has provided Rampage with an in-depth video showcasing the browser in action as it makes its way through a ticket queue. To watch this, please click here.


Seize the huge opportunities of a global market. Use Multilogin and spread the word and market your products to the world while also protecting you from the very real risks posed by the increasingly meticulous methods used by internet giants to detect multiple accounts. Utilise the stealth capabilities of Multilogin, protecting accounts and streamlining management while remaining under the radar. Remain on the edge of the market; research competitor campaigns in different locations and demographics.

Social Media Management:

Multilogin allows users to create and manage thousands of completely separated virtual browser profiles that will never leak data, history or information between each other, ensuring your accounts are kept safe and private. You'll enjoy disruption-free workflows, avoiding blocks from sites reading your fingerprint. Multilogin replaces your browser fingerprints with a completely native, new one that appears as a genuine separate device. With built-in features such as automation, you're able to quickly create, change, and delete accounts in bulk. Save time and money by automating manual routine tasks, managing ads and more. In addition to this, Multilogin allows you to utilise tools such as CookieRobot to build your account history automatically.

How to Integrate Rampage Proxies with Multilogin

Rampage integrates seamlessly with Multilogin. While a tool such as Multilogin might be powerful, you can further enhance the anonymity and flexibility of the browser by utilising proxies.

Rampage delivers 10 of the best residential and mobile proxy providers under a single, easy-to-use dashboard. To integrate your proxies with Multilogin, you will first need to create profiles. Multilogin allows for two different types of profile creation methods, depending on the customisation required. In Multilogin X, you can choose the storage for your profiles. You can choose local or cloud, but after you create the profile, you cannot move a local profile to the cloud and vice versa.


Multilogin also allows for a variety of customisation options:

  • Choose between Windows, macOS, or Linux
  • A choice of either Mimic (Chrome) or StealthFox (Firefox) based browsers
  • The ability to edit other features such as (but not limited to) screen resolution, WebGL, WebGPU metadata, browser languages and many more

Setting up and proxy integration:

Proxies generated from the Rampage dashboard will come in the format of IP:PORT:USER:PASSWORD. These can be quickly copied and pasted directly from the dashboard and into Multilogin. The browser will automatically assign the components of the proxy, meaning you’re integrated directly with your favourite provider from the dashboard within just 5 clicks. As you can see here, the browser allows for direct proxy testing inside; giving you peace of mind your profile is ready to go when you are.

In our test profile, we used static BrightData, but the browser supports all 10 providers.


Quick profile proxies

MultLogin allows two variations of profile generation. Quick profiles allow you to generate profiles and go for those under time constraints and where less customisation may be required/wanted. These profiles are not saved; when you close a quick browser profile, it is automatically deleted along with all its data.

Quick profiles allow for either a single proxy or a list to be pasted in:


When using a quick profile, proxies generated from the dashboard can be copied and pasted directly into Multilogin. The browser will accept up to 20 proxies in this instance. To use a custom list, you must select the “custom” option above. The proxies can either be accessed sequentially (one after the other) or randomly by toggling this feature at the bottom. For our quick profiles, we chose to use rotating Oxylabs. Up to 10 profiles can be generated via this method and launched using the button at the bottom of the page.


Multilogin presents the peak of anti-detect and anonymous browsers. Coupled with any of the providers available through the Rampage dashboard, you’re armed and ready to take on the toughest online tasks.

Rampage Proxies users can claim 25% off their first three months with Multilogin. To begin, please register for free with this link.

To claim the discount, please contact the Multilogin support team. They will then apply credits to the registered account, allowing you to purchase and giving you a three-month discount.

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