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IPRoyal Deep Dive

Published: 2024-06-14

Written By Owen Crisp


In this guide, we’ll look deeper into IPRoyal and some of the provider's technical specifics. The newest provider now part of the Rampage toolbelt, they bring an impressive sized pool at an excellent price point.

Company Overview

Based in the UAE, and founded in 2020, IPRoyal boast an impressive pool size of over 34M residential IPs. IPRoyal offers a very large IP diversity for a provider of this price, further expanding the value options in the Rampage lineup.

IP Availability and Supply

With a residential pool size of 34M and growing, IPRoyal covers 195 countries worldwide. Here’s a list of popular countries with good IP availability:

  • United States of America
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Italy
  • France

While early on, IPRoyals focus was reselling IPs from other providers- they now run their own “opt in” program to source themselves. IPRoyal now runs the “pawn” program, paying users for their traffic; insisting this is the best payout per GB of traffic.

Proxy Speed and Performance

We tested each residential provider so that you don't need to. Rampage endeavours to create fair, thorough, and reproducible tests to ensure each provider can be compared against another. Please note, your results may vary based on your individual factors when setting up.

Using a server hosted in a german datacenter, we tested 10,000 rotating proxies across 5 popular locations. These locations were picked to represent popular locations and give global coverage. The locations we used to test all providers were the following:

  • United States of America
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong

Our testing suite checks the proxy connection against IpInfo to remain as impartial as possible. We use the information collected from the request, along with IP enrichment data from IpInfo to provide a clear picture of the proxy.

In addition to the usual metrics, we have provided the standard deviation of the response times. A smaller standard deviation suggests that the scores are tightly clustered around the mean, indicating greater consistency or precision in the measurements.

Finally, this script also records the number of unique IP addresses per region tested, as this can be used as a judgement for the diversity of the IP pool. Here’s the results from the tests of IPRoyal:

CountryProxies TestedTotal SuccessTotal FailsSuccess PercentageTotal Unique IP'sFastest SpeedLowest SpeedAverage SpeedStandard Deviation
US10,0009,87112998.71%7,9660.83 seconds15.22 seconds2.58 seconds1.88 seconds
GB10,0009,9257599.25%4,9710.44 seconds13.11 seconds1.83 seconds1.87 seconds
CA10,0009,82617498.26%2,0160.87 seconds13.22 seconds2.91 seconds2.08 seconds
DE10,0009,9039799.03%2,7410.42 seconds14.55 seconds1.98 seconds2.10 seconds
HK10,0009,74625497.46%4241.41 seconds23.46 seconds4.17 seconds2.09 seconds

Location and Targeting Options

IPRoyal supports multiple precision targeting methods: isp, city, state, and country. This allows complete control of the proxy location. Please note that due to the dynamic state of residential proxies, we can not guarantee 24/7 coverage, especially in remote areas.


Per our dashboard, these proxies can be generated in static and rotating varieties from a mix of pre-set country pools. The default session time for static proxies for IPRoyal is 30 minutes, however the session time can be edited to up to 7 days. We’d recommend no longer than an hour, as anything beyond this you are relying on the node staying online. Due to the fluid nature of residential proxies and devices, we cannot guarantee long session times stay active.


IPRoyal provides great value access to residential proxies with a large pool and great geo-flexiblity. IPRoyal available for $3/GB, dropping to just $2/GB with a Rampage Retail subscription. Prices can become slightly lower in vast bulk and monthly committed purchases. Please contact us directly for such pricing.

Here's how IPRoyal stacks up pricing wise, compared to the other providers on the dashboard: IPRoyal.png

All other provider pricing can be found here.

Suggested Use Cases

IPRoyal offers a quality proxy with a lower price tag, offering great flexibility in terms of value and geo-diversity. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of what IPRoyal could be used for:

  • Travel fare aggregation: collect web data from all locations with our residential IP address service and provide customers with the best deals.
  • Web scraping: scrape public web data from any number of websites and pages. Make your web scraping projects block-free with our residential proxies.
  • Ad verification: access a residential proxy pool that will allow you to perform ad verification from as many different locations as needed.

Pros and Cons

Pros of IPRoyal

As highlighted previously, IPRoyal offers great value for those looking for something higher quality with a bigger pool size compared to the other “value” options such as Rampage Core or PacketStream.

IPRoyals flexibility in terms of targeting and pool size makes it a great option for those looking to consume high amount of bandwidth and/or those who seek a more value oriented provider without compromising on quality or IP availability. Its addition of further precision targeting lends extra favour to those who might not have the budget for larger and more expensive providers also supporting the same features; such as Rampage Mobile or S Proxy for example.

Cons of IPRoyal

Despite seeming a great value offering for those who require a host of a features at a lower price, for those looking to consume extreme amounts of bandwidth- there are still other options available around 1/3rd of the cost; if features such as city/state targeting is not required.

Executive Summary

Known for its value and diversity, IPRoyal stands out in the Rampage lineup with flexible targeting options and competitive pricing. Their unique “pawn” program pays users for their traffic, enhancing their IP sourcing.

Ideal use cases for IPRoyal include travel fare aggregation, web scraping, and ad verification, leveraging its broad geo-diversity and quality service. While it offers excellent value, those requiring very high bandwidth without specific targeting needs might find cheaper alternatives. Overall, IPRoyal is a strong contender for those seeking quality residential proxies at an accessible price point.

If you'd like to learn more about this providers features and pricing options, more information can be found here.

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