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Incogniton | Anti-detect browser

Published: 2024-05-28

Written By Owen Crisp


Introducing Incogniton

Choose online fingerprint protection and manage your social media and e-commerce accounts more efficiently. Set up multiple browser accounts and decide your own digital fingerprint details like geolocation. Break free from the chains of browser fingerprint detection with Incogniton.

About Us

We see the internet as an endless source of new possibilities and opportunities for everyone. With Incogniton we want to offer entrepreneurs the tools to offer an opportunity. At Incogniton, we provide our customers with a reliable, user friendly and efficient browser profile management tool to allow efficient management their business or online endevours.

Science says our fingerprints are unique to us. Therefore, we use our fingerprints to identify ourselves anywhere (cue in a criminal investigation). This is the same logic behind digital fingerprinting. Digital fingerprint refers to a set of parameters that you can use to identify a unique user (or better still, a digital citizen). The data used to create this fingerprint ranges from IP address, operating system characteristics, and browser capabilities and versions. Every internet user has a unique digital fingerprint created via various means but primarily through browser fingerprinting techniques. Website owners and other internet arbiters use this information for various purposes, such as ad-tracking.

Features and Specialities

Our software comes packed full of features to protect your online activities and excel your online business further. With Incogniton, you can replace multiple computers with virtual browser profiles: rest assured that your data is safe and private. Each profile has a different digital fingerprint associated with it, keeping you under the radar.

Manage multiple browser profiles: Access multiple unique internet browsers from one application with a structured overview.

Team Accounts: Create team members with separate logins and assign them roles with specific permissions.

Synchronizer: Automate repetitive browser steps easily and for everyone, even without technical knowledge with the Synchronizer.

Proxy Management: Add a proxy to your browser profiles to gain more control over your digital fingerprint.

Data Synchronisation: Access your browser profiles from all your devices. Your data is also securely saved in our encrypted cloud servers.

Automation: Automate browser operations with Selenium, Puppeteer, or REST API.

Cookie Management: Import, export, and a collect cookies. With this feature you can automatically generate cookies.

Fingerprint Generator: Bulk creator makes it possible for you to create multiple browser profiles in just a few clicks.

Bulk Profile Creator: Never worry about your browser fingerprint, Incogniton has it covered. Every browser profile has it's own digital fingerprint.

Use Cases

There are many reasons to use an anti-detect browser. Stay anonymous and avoid account suspensions while managing virtual profiles for multiple accounts. Whether those accounts are for affiliate marketing, social media account management, or something else. Find a few of the many possibilities below.

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is hampered by one issue: effective account management is nearly impossible without the proper tools. Social Media Marketing: Your social media marketing strategy with multiple accounts doesn’t have to end on the drawing board. Digital Marketing Agencies: Increase your profits and remain competitive by offering your clients top-notch and secured services with Incogniton.

Learn more about what else we can be used for here.

Integrating with Proxies

Proxies and Incogniton can be used separately but an anti-detect browser performs at its best if you integrate a proxy; further enhancing your geo flexibility and anonimity. Loading proxies into Incogniton is very simple, thanks to the intuitive user interface.

To begin, you'll first need to register for an account with Incogniton, you can do so here. Accounts are free to register, as are the first 10 browser profiles. From this, you can then download the service, supporting both Windows and MacOS.

Once you've got the browser installed, you can then move on to profile creation. Each profile will offer its own unique details, each being able to use its own proxy. Incogniton supports both single and bulk profile creation. Selecting your preference will give you the opoportunity to create either. Should you chose to do so, the "add proxy" button allows you to setup the proxies per profile.


On the Rampage dashboard, proxies currently generate in this format, IP:PORT:USER:PASS

You can use this information to pick apart specific proxy components should you want to input singuarly as shown here. Successfully input, the proxy tests and shows it details in the browser as shown:


Incogniton also supports bulk import of proxies. Once you've generated your list of proxies, you can directly copy these from the Rampage Dashboard directly into the browser using the "bulk import" feature:


There's a great selecction of setup guides and support features on the Incogniton site, here.


Incogniton allows for total control over your browser details, offering a wide range of tools to scramble your fingerprint and keep your actions anonymous; allowing you to work undetected and undettered.

As a valued partner of Rampage, Incogniton have kindly offered all Rampage customers a 15% recurring discount on paid profiles. If you're looking to supercharge your browsing capabilities with Incognition, be sure to use code RAMPAGE15 at checkout.

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Speedy Customer Support

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Digital Dashboard

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