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Anti Detect Browsers: Managing Multiple Accounts

Published: 2023-10-26

Written By Owen Crisp

If we sparked your interest before, giving some useful information on "anti-detect" browsers here, or you're a budding affiliate marketer already; this guide will go into detail on how to setup these tools to help better manage your many accounts. In this guide specifically, we'll be using Dolphin Anty.

Anti Detect Browsers, Re Explained:

Anti-detect browsers are specialised web browsers designed to enhance online anonymity and privacy. Unlike traditional browsers that leave behind digital footprints which can potentially expose your identity, anti-detect browsers work to cover these tracks, to mask your online presence and make it challenging for websites, advertisers, and even malicious entities to track your activities. In addition to this, they allow ease of input for proxies to help further anonymise and excel your online activities.

A main feature of a tool such as Dolphin is the use of fingerprint management. If you aren't already aware a browser fingerprint is a unique set of information that can be collected from your web browser when you visit a website. Think like a digital fingerprint that identifies your browser and, by extension, you as a user. While browser fingerprints are primarily used for legitimate purposes like improving user experience, they can also be exploited for tracking users across the web and blocking users from accessing sites. This is common in the affiliate and social media marketing space. For example, If managing multiple accounts on a platform (especially when automation is involved) changing your browser fingerprint helps avoid detection algorithms that may flag accounts for suspicious activity which could lead to bans. If you run an agency dealing with many social media accounts, circumventing any potential linking of browsers and accounts can reduce collateral damage if one account is banned.

In addition to this, using a tool such as Dolphin also allows easy integration of proxies. For further anonymity and extra geo-flexibility, proxies can be mass imported or dedicated per profile into Dolphin. Here, this shows one proxy per browser profile:


Regardless our proxies being formed as IP:PORT:USER:PASS, these are still completely compatible and can be easily inserted per profile or en mass. Depending on the use case (social media for example) you may choose to allocate single proxies per browsers profiles/accounts, or use a large list (advertising purposes) where you may require a consistent stream of rotating IP's and/or locations.

Getting Started:

Getting started is fairly simple. Once signed up, downloaded, open up the tool. By default, Dolphin allows up tp 10 profiles for free before requiring a paid expansion. These "profiles" will the the individual browsers you will use, one per account. On the left hand side, navigate over to "Browsers" and find the blue button "Create Profile":


This will then allow you to begin customising the browsers required.

Creating Profiles

As mentioned before, each profile will be a seperate browser, with its own individual fingerprint and details.


There are a few important points to note when setting profiles up. To prevent any configuration issues, be sure to select the same operating system as your current PC. This particular software comes with integrated sites (Facebook/TikTok/Google) but are not required for use. If your use case is outside of the built in, simply select "none" and the browser will default to Google. To prevent any configuration issues, be sure to select the same operating system as your current PC. Beneath this, you are then given space to add the username and password of the account to login to. Geolocation can be determined by a multitude of different ways. This can be set through a geo located proxy, added manually with the longitude/latitude (with accuracy being measured in percentage). All basic settings are enough to begin utilising such a tool, and changing of any advanced features varies per use case.

There are a plethora of features that can be alered.

Media Devices: Changing this parameter specifies how many external media devices are on the device and connected. Changing this to real will take the number connected to your current device, and manual will give you the option to specify. This can be up to 3 in total.

Screen: Allows specification of the resolution for the screen resolution of the browser. Real will emulate the current screen of the host device, manual will allow specific resolutions to be set. This will vary the screen size of the browsers when started up. Useful if requiring multiple browsers open side by side to fill the screen. For example if you curent monitor is 4k, 4x1280x720p browsers will fit the screen perfectly.

CPU and Memory: Specifies the total amount of RAM per device. Ram cannot be anymore than 128GB, as no browsers support any larger. As above, real will use the host PC and manual allows specification. This is similar with CPU cores, these can be specified or defaulted to the host device. MacOS can be up to 32 cores, with Windows and Linux accepting up to 64 Cores.

Each profile will represent a different browser, and can each be assigned a seperate account. Not only does this give the benefit of the fingerprint altering, but makes it much easier in terms of organisation and loading. No longer will you be required to sign in and out in the same browser, simply start up a browser instance tied to that account and away you go.

To conclude, mastering the use of anti-detect browsers, such as Dolphin Anty, can significantly enhance your online anonymity and streamline the management of multiple accounts. The key lies in understanding and leveraging features like fingerprint management, which acts as a digital disguise for your browser, crucial for navigating the affiliate and social media marketing space without triggering suspicion. Dolphin's user-friendly interface allows easy creation and customisation of profiles, each representing a unique browser instance with its own fingerprint and details. The integration of proxies adds an extra layer of anonymity and geo-flexibility, catering to a multitude of use cases.

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